Customer Inside: A practitioner's guide to online insight communities and how to make the most of them

An indispensable guide to realising the value of your online community, told through research and interviews with insight professionals and developed in partnership with the Market Research Society (MRS).

In the last decade, online communities have gone from unproven experiment to accepted mainstay. Not only are there many new providers, techniques and platforms, there’s new terminology, technology and training, too. Yet alongside these advancements, there is also uncertainty and confusion. Some veteran practitioners and progressive users of communities are truly pushing the boundaries. Others don’t even know where to start.

Customer Inside provides hands-on tips from insight professionals of all levels and covers:

  • Common pitfalls – and steps to avoid them – such as: failing to prove ROI, neglecting the art of engagement and underestimating the size of the undertaking
  • Common pain points requiring innovation, such as: a need for seamless integration with other data, more ‘in the moment’ data and greater agility – and opportunities to address these issues 
  • Tricky challenges and how brands have solved them: how Spotify achieved a more agile way of reaching users, how Orange turned its customers into critical friends, how Zurich Global Life created insight that is changing operational structures to help it become a more customer-centric organisation  
  • Suggestions for how to adapt your communities to play different, business-critical roles, such as product and service development, exploration of new markets and audiences and as a tool for fast decision making
At its heart, Customer Inside reveals that the brands that are getting the most impact from their communities are those that see them as more than a research methodology. Instead, they see them as an opportunity to bring the customer inside their business as a catalyst for change and growth.

Download the report for practical tips on how to realise that vision.

Jonny Wooldridge, Associate Director at C Space
Charlotte Burgess, Director of Business Development at C Space
Robin Van der Aar, Consultant at C Space


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