Health care is a service industry?

Bringing together patients and employees, Mayfair Diagnostics co-created the imaging clinic of the future, founded on empathy. Here’s how.

The challenge

According to a 2016 GE Healthcare study, 81 percent of patients are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience. Translation: we have work to do.
Truth is, people don't tolerate bad experiences. They gravitate towards outstanding ones -- whether at a grocery store, the Four Seasons, or the doctor's office. Whatever the service, people compare their experience across all aspects of their lives. Which is why Mayfair Diagnostics, Canada’s largest medical imaging clinic, wanted to look outside of the health care industry for inspiration in designing its new medical imaging facility.

Our approach

Executives, front-desk employees, radiologists, technologists, physicians, hospitality experts, and, of course, patients – all collaborating as equals to design experiences that delight patients, inspire employees, and make sound business sense. 

The result

Mayfair Diagnostics opened up its new, state-of-the-art medical imaging clinic in the summer of 2016. Down to the tiniest detail, the space reflects the insight, empathy, and innovative thinking gleaned from patients. The result? An outstanding experience turned into a world-class imaging clinic – not the other way around.